The difference between
a dream and a goal : THE DATE!

Life coaching

In what season of your life are you at present?

In spring: the hour of seeds

In summer: you wait for the harvest

In autumn: in lack of energy

In winter: everything is frozen

In spring? You are at the time of seeds and of hard labour and you feel(smell) that you miss tools to relieve the work? In summer? You sowed(scattered), to turn(return) the earth(ground), to water(spray), and you have nevertheless the impression(printing) that the harvest will not be very good? In autumn? You feel(smell) the lack of energy, the fatigue of the big household(housework), ca made two seasons which you work hardly and you need just like that thumb(inch) to advance things? In winter? Everything froze, seeds, germs, flowers which had begun to grow and even the earth(ground)?

Or can be are perfectly satisfied you of all that you have to realize, then bravo! And you only need a revival to give the second breath to your life

A personal coaching is based on a positive and precise objective to reach(affect,achieve),

The coaching facilitates the learning(apprenticeship) by the experience(experiment) to acquire know-how and work with human or organizational emergent strengths to get a new energy, of the sense(direction), draw visions and new plans and generate the wished results(profits).

The coaching thus helps you to transform the limitations of past, to raise the inhibitions, to check the hindrances, to replace the binding decisions by decisions of freed(franked) life, to free(release) so the potential of each of us and to build a future heights of held promises.

The life is a mystery which it is necessary to live and not a problem to be resolved. - Gandhi