The difference between
a dream and a goal : THE DATE!

mission vision values

Our mission 

Asana’s mission is to offer and accompany every individual that is concerned about making a success out of their life, in a place of development and of investment regarding their personnel or professional life in order to transform the impossible into possible.

Our vision

In the field of the human evolution, Asana aims at becoming the reference which makes the difference, and also to innovate constantly and satisfy the growing needs of its clientele.

Our values

The quality of our services

Asana makes a commitment to offer services which meet the needs of the clientele and by doing so exceeding the quality of standards already on the market.

Innovation and passion

It is important to us to be constantly renewed and to develop diverse services such as workshops, seminars, retreats and conferences. We strive to constantly transmit our passion to our clientele, and to stimulate their desire to continue to work on themselves.


Asana makes a commitment to follow a code of ethics and assures by doing so protecting the confidentiality of its clientele. 


Our integrity, openness and frankness in communication lend to favor reliable relations and spirit of collaboration.

Flexibility and well-being

Due to the authenticity and uniqueness of every human being, our flexibility and understanding for eachperson’s individual needs allows us to offer a place of grounding where everyone is welcomed as they truly are.