The difference between
a dream and a goal : THE DATE!


ASANA COACHING wants to offer its clientele a very unique and outstanding experience. Being situated in the magnificent Château St-Ambroise on the edge of the Lachine Canal, every client enjoys a unique moment as soon as he approaches his place of coaching.

We offer an accessible and low-priced parking behind the building, for your convenience, so you can focus on the moment, with yourself, which awaits you. 

Upon arrival at the building, our receptionist will warmly welcome you, confirm your apointment and direct you towards Asana’s offices.

Entering Asana, you are greeted with an area of relaxation.  Enjoy sipping a warm tea, an herbal tea or even a coffee before your coaching.

Finally, once the coaching ends, we recommend to the client, if your schedule allows it, to take an extra hour to interiorize the moment and to simply take the time to integrate what happened in your coaching. For this, we recommend to you the courtyard to take a stroll on the edge of the Lachine Canal or have a bite at the French restaurant Ambroise situated on the main level  to reflect  on your objectives.

In brief, ASANA coaching provides you with everything you need to help make your coaching experience magical.